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Beckett Media Launches Crypto Initiative With Memorabilia Authenticator

The Wrap 15 Sep 2021
Some sports magazines are getting a digital makeover on blockchain. Beckett Grading Services announced on Tuesday it would allow collectors to store certificates of authenticity for sports memorabilia on blockchain ... “Their entrance into blockchain is significant.” ... Beckett’s announcement follows similar blockchain plays by Time and Vogue.

Defi Hack Alert: NowSwap losses over $1 Million in cyber attack

CoinGape 15 Sep 2021
Furthermore, the hackers used an invalid ‘K’ value check in the pair contract of NowSwap to attack the protocol ... The protocol was hacked on 10th August, where the hacker managed to override permission from the “bookkeepers.” The hacker transferred stolen funds to three different blockchain wallets of Ethereum, Binance, and Polygon.

Regulatory Structures Should be Embraced to Provide a Safe and Secure Open-Source DeFi System

Crypto Shib 14 Sep 2021
Many who are new to the space recognize the large gains being made by others but do not necessarily know where to start, as crypto and blockchain technology takes a lot of understanding before you can fully feel comfortable investing your own capital ... White hats look to find bugs that bad faith hackers would otherwise exploit for money.

You Are Worth $1,015 on the Dark Web, New Study by Privacy Affairs Finds

Kentucky New Era 13 Sep 2021
Hackers can even steal credit card information via card transactions, through the associated merchants ... Renowned cryptocurrency trading platforms and wallets like LocalBitcoins, Cex, Kraken, and Coinbase are also sweet spots for hackers ... Indeed, in 2019, a hacker partially hijacked Coinbase and messed with entire transaction histories.

Avalanche (AVAX) chain’s Zabu Finance sees a $3.2 million exploit

Cryptoslate 13 Sep 2021
The exploited protocol confirmed that the hacker interacted with the blockchain contract and “successfully pulled out 4,5 billion Zabu tokens from Zabu Farm Contract, dumped all to Pangolin LPs and Trader Joe LPs of Zabu, stole around $600K.”. A blockchain security and data ...

Avalanche-Based Decentralized Finance Protocol, Zabu (ZABU) Hacked

BTC Manager 13 Sep 2021
Zabu Finance has been targeted by hackers in a $3.2 million heist ...

Bitcoin Scam: Hackers launch Ponzi BTC scheme through Russia’s Government website

CoinGape 08 Sep 2021
According to the local Russian news outlet , an unidentified group of hackers began promotions of the Free BTC Giveaway scheme on the Ryazan administration’s website ... In the mentioned scheme, hackers had contested the giveaway of 0.025 BTC to everyone who installs the specific application on their system.

Cream Finance hacker returns stolen funds

Cryptopolitan 08 Sep 2021
The hacker took advantage of a system failure to mine 2,803 Ether tokens and 462 million AMP tokens, losing the platform around $34 million ... PeckShield, one of the most important security agencies on the Blockchain network, reports that Cream Finance obtained 5,152.6 Ethereum tokens from the hacker’s crypto wallet.

El Salvador becomes first country to adopt bitcoin as national currency

Live Mint 07 Sep 2021
El Salvador—Tuesday is B-day, or Bitcoin-day, in El Salvador ... dollars ... local time ... “It’s a pretty monumental step in the evolution of bitcoin," said Garrick Hileman, head of research at, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency transactions firms ... Mr ... Such fund centralization risks attracting hackers, notes Mr. Hileman of ... .

Cardano Clears Major Smart Contract Hurdle With Mainnet Upgrade Just Days Away

The Daily Hodl 03 Sep 2021
Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the company behind Cardano (ADA), says it has successfully added smart contract capabilities to its blockchain testnet ... The Switzerland-based organization just launched a bug bounty program that will reward hackers who can find weaknesses in the smart contracts platform of Cardano’s blockchain ... Disclaimer ... ....

Cryptocurrency firm asks hacker who stole $610m to become its chief security adviser

The Independent 02 Sep 2021
A bug bounty rewards “friendly” hackers who ... Poly Network said that the hacker did not accept the bounty but may give it to the technical community who have worked on blockchain security.

Cardano Foundation Partners with HackerOne for New Bug Bounty Program

Goldario 01 Sep 2021
... firm HackerOne to look for vulnerabilities in the project’s blockchain.

What are 51% attacks in cryptocurrencies?

The Times of India 31 Aug 2021
Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, which are considered immutable. However, the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies has encouraged cybercriminals to find innovative ways to attack the underlying blockchain ... Blockchain ... But hackers have shown that blockchains are not immutable.

Cardano Offers Up To $10,000 For Network Vulnerabilities In Bug Bounty

NewsBTC 31 Aug 2021
This program aims to reward hackers for any vulnerabilities that they may find in the network. Bug bounty programs incentivize hackers to find and report vulnerabilities in a network instead of exploiting them for personal gain ... It draws in the wider hacker community to help find as many vulnerabilities as possible ... Keeping Cardano Blockchain Safe.

Hackers Steal $29 Million From Crypto-Platform Cream Finance

Slashdot 31 Aug 2021
Hackers are estimated to have ... PeckShield and Tal Be'ery, the founder of cryptocurrency wallet app ZenGo, confirmed that the Cream Finance hacker exploited a bug in the ERC777 token contract interface that's used by Cream Finance to interact with the underlying Etherium blockchain.