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30 YouTube Channels Hacked; Is it Another Reason for Bloggers to Switch to Decentralized Streaming Platforms?

Coin Idol 24 Jan 2022
BREAKING. Dozens of Crypto YouTubers have had their accounts hijacked by hackers promoting a fake crypto giveaway scam ... Recently, SIM swapping has become a popular tool for hackers and fraudsters ... As CoinIdol, a world blockchain news outlet, previously reported, hackers are increasingly targeting small crypto investors in 2021 using SIM swaps ... .

Whitehat hacker hits Multichain protocol, returns 259 ETH

Cryptopolitan 23 Jan 2022
Negotiations happened on the blockchain itself, with the “white hat” hacker and victims, as well as the company itself, swapping messages in Ethereum transactions ... “Well received, thank you for your honesty,” one victim, who lost nearly $1 million in ether and offered a 50 ETH (roughly $150,000) tip, wrote in a blockchain message to the hacker.

The biggest security breaches of 2021

Cryptoslate 21 Jan 2022
The Poly Network hack happened on 10 August 2021 and resulted in the theft of around $611 million worth of digital assets stolen on three blockchains ... Poly Network is a cross-chain network that allows users to perform cross-blockchain operations in a decentralized way. For example, transferring funds from one blockchain to another.

Multichain Recovers Some of Its Funds Stolen This Week

FX Empire 21 Jan 2022
Multichain definitively is having a very particular week, but who would have believed a hacker would return the funds? ... The team has also posted on their twitter ‘s account all of the hacker’s addresses so they can be monitored through the blockchain explorer and more details will be released, they said.

Twitter Rolls Out Verified NFT Profile Picture Feature

CryptoPotato 21 Jan 2022
Previously, anyone could simply right-click and copy an image, and there was no proof of ownership without digging into the Ethereum blockchain to check it ... There are ways around it for wily hackers to copy the image, mint an NFT of it with a blockchain address, and upload it to their profiles.

After Suffering $3M Hack, Are MultiChain Funds Really Safe?

Crypto Economy 20 Jan 2022
The news came after some hackers stole more than $1.6 million funds from the platform, but it’s getting worse, and the number is rising ... In a note attached to a transaction that was posted on the Ethereum blockchain on Wednesday, this hacker, who identified themselves as a “white hat,” stated their commitment to the community.

What Went Wrong In The (CRO) Hack? Experts Weigh In

Bitcoinist 20 Jan 2022
In what was a brief attack, the hackers were able to access a portion of users’ accounts on the platform and steal their funds ... Gleb Zykov, the co-founder and CTO of HashEx, a blockchain security company that focuses on smart contract code auditing, shared with Bitcoinist how the hackers could have gotten into the system.

Can Blockchain Drive the Gaming Industry to Full Decentralization?

FX Empire 20 Jan 2022
It is safe to say that blockchain technology and gaming are two industries that have yet to unlock their full potential ... The Gaming Industry Pre-Blockchain Technology ... The game business was far more centralized before the Blockchain ... The Gaming Industry Operations on Blockchain Technology ... Benefits for the Gaming Industry under Blockchain Technology.

Hacker steals $200,000 through Multichain bug, offers to return 80% to victim

The Block 19 Jan 2022
A bug in the protocol is being exploited by multiple blockchain wallets, with either one hacker or many behind the attacks ... This hacker said in a blockchain transaction, "whitehat here, send me the tx you lost your weth, I give 80% back ... Multichain has since replied to the hacker, ...

On-chain analyst claims hack was closer to $33 million

The Block 19 Jan 2022
According to ErgoBTC’s tweet, the bitcoin tumbler used by the alleged hacker to launder the 271 BTC is commonly used by Lazarus Group — the notorious North Korean state-backed cybercrime syndicate that has been linked to several crypto exchange hacks ... Details from blockchain ...

Zilliqa Price Prediction 2022 – 2025

Cryptopolitan 19 Jan 2022
Zilliqa (ZIL) is the native token/cryptocurrency of the Zilliqa blockchain ... What is the Zilliqa blockchain network? ... Zilliqa integrates enterprise-grade security features that have gone a long way in ensuring that hackers cannot access its transactions or the DApps developed on the blockchain.
Edit allegedly suffers $15 million breach in latest exchange heist

The Block 18 Jan 2022
Per blockchain records, it appears the alleged hacker has laundered almost all of the proceeds from the incident via TornadoCash, a “coin mixer” that serves to obfuscate the on-chain link between the source and destination of transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

4,600 ETH Worth $14.6M Reportedly Stolen From CryptoCom, Money Laundered via TornadoCash

CryptoPotato 18 Jan 2022
A report by the blockchain security company PeckShield said the attack against the popular crypto exchange resulted in 4,600 ETH being siphoned off the platform ... On the other hand, PeckShield reported that the hackers actually managed ...
Edit shuts down withdrawals after suspicious activity

New York Post 18 Jan 2022
Report says North Korean hackers stole fortune in cryptocurrency in 2021 ... One crypto user with nearly 350,000 Twitter followers, who posts under the handle @BENBALLER complained 4.28 ETH has been sold and questioned how a hacker made it past two-factor authentication which is supposed to make accounts more secure.

What is DeFi?

Abra 18 Jan 2022
Decentralized finance — known as “DeFi”— is a sector within the blockchain industry that includes a number of applications that aim to disrupt and displace the world of traditional finance ... The origins of DeFi can be traced back to the launch of the Bitcoin blockchain, mainnet, in January 2009.

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